Do I have to show proof of income?

Proof of income is not required to access services. However, in order to access the sliding fee scale and avoid being billed the full amount for services, we do require proof of income. It is best to bring income documentation with you to your first visit if you wish to have your visit discounted. To apply and qualify for the sliding fee scale we will need (one) of the following listed below for each applicable member of the household: 30 days of paystubs, Official documentation of child support, Official documentation of alimony, Official unemployment documentation, State aid approval letter (must include amount of income), Social Security benefit form, Notarized letter from the patients employer in the case of contract work. If income verification is not provided at the time of the first visit, patients have 30 days to bring in verification to receive the reduced rate. After 30 days the full amount will be billed. Proof of income must be updated annually.

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