Restored Paths – Substance Use Disorder Treatment (SUD)

Restored Paths is dedicated to providing superior, evidence-based Substance Use Disorder Treatment to clients and their families.

We promote positive decision making patterns and empowering clients to successfully manage their lives and educating their minds, understanding their bodies, and feeding their spirit. All of our counselors are fully credentialed in the State of Idaho to provide a variety of evaluations and treatment services. Additionally, Master’s level clinicians are able to identify and treat Chemical Dependency and Mental Health issues. Our clinicians work closely with others in the community to provide a wrap-around treatment for those who need it.


Domestic Violence Evaluations

State of Idaho DUI Evaluations

GAIN Evaluations

Chemical Dependency Evaluations

Combination Chemical Dependency/DUI Domestic Violence Evaluations

Adult Services

Intensive Outpatient Chemical Dependency Program

Mental Health Treatment

Outpatient Program

Case Management

Co-Occurring Disorders

Parenting Classes

ALL Services Can Include

Individual Sessions

Co-Occurring Disorders

Aftercare Sessions

Family/Couple Sessions

Chemical Dependency & Co-Occurring Disorders Groups

What happens in group sessions?

Group sessions use evidence-based curriculum to include:

Relapse Prevention

Healthy Relationships

Family Support

Moral Reconation Therapy – MRT

Alcohol & Drug Education

Co-Occurring Disorders

DBT Dialectical Behavioral Therapy


Parenting Classes for Recovering Parents


All Groups are Gender Specific

The evidence shows a greater increase of knowledge, comfort, and trust is gained with gender specific groups. Your groups will meet 1 to 3 times weekly depending on level of care. You will meet others with the same struggles as well as hear new ideas of how to deal with your addiction and/or mental illness.

Restored Paths is a State of Idaho Approved Site for Chemical Dependency and Case Management Services.