Primary Care

Primary Care Providers (PCPs) at Heritage Health have a broad set of skills and are able to diagnose and treat most conditions and ailments.

They are typically your first contact for medical services and the coordinator of your treatment even though they might make referrals to other providers or specialists. Once you establish with a PCP he or she is assigned to you and the provider you see when visiting Heritage Health. As a patient of Heritage Health the following services are available to you and your family:

Diagnostic Services

We offer a full range of diagnostic services.

Routine Medical Care

Your PCP will be able to help you through your routine medical care needs. These may include diseases and symptoms like a cough, cold, fever, or flu. Other examples Routine Medical services are annual physicals, health coaching and smoking cessation, all available through your Heritage Health Primary Care Provider.

Chronic Disease Management

Includes conditions like hypertension, diabetes, pain and other chronic diseases. Subspecialty teams have been created to provide you with specialty care when needed and will work together with your PCP. For patients with multiple chronic diseases, Heritage Health also offers Outpatient Intensive Care services.

Wellness Care

Wellness visits are a great way to make sure you are as healthy as you feel. They can focus on goals like achieving a healthy weight, proper nutrition and encourage a lifestyle change that improves health. Your PCP will work with you to build a plan for your goals and ongoing healthcare needs.

Minor Surgery

Heritage Health offers several minor outpatient procedures as a way of providing more services at a single site and at a discounted price. Talk with your Heritage Health care team about our expanding list of services, including lacerations, orthopedics, circumcisions, mole removals and more.

Women’s Health

At Heritage Health we are proud to offer women of all ages specialized services by experts in women’s health. Our services include mammography, colposcopies, IUD placements, etc. Connect with a provider to find out what options best fit your unique needs.