This health care package aims to remove the excuses that keep people from utilizing health services. You will find that it is easy to build a relationship with your medical team with no co-payments and flexible scheduling.

With EVERYDAYWellness, you have access to a team of caring professionals who will work with you to help you achieve your goals.  Whether your goal is to complete your first triathlon, find ways to eat healthily, reduce stress or manage a chronic disease, your team will be here to help you succeed. During the changing seasons, you may experience coughs or fevers, scrapes or sprains. Included with your overall wellness, you can feel confident calling to schedule a routine medical visit, or even ask about an “Express Care” appointment for an urgent concern. For clients who have need of Chronic Disease Management for blood sugar or heart ailments, Heritage Health providers have extensive experience to help manage these diseases.

EVERYDAYWellness is an innovative and affordable healthcare solution and will provide you extensive care for its cost, but it does have its limits. For your lab work at Heritage Health, you only pay our cost- $15. For labs and imaging done inside Heritage’s partner network, you will enjoy Membership Pricing at a less-than-retail rate.  With EVERYDAYWellness there are no longer co-pays, or excuses.

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Monthly Access Fee: