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Photo of Shayne Aguirre, LPC

Shayne Aguirre, LPC

Addiction Counselor

Photo of Aaron Arnold, LMSW

Aaron Arnold, LMSW

Psychotherapist, Clinical-Certified Trauma Specialist

Photo of David Atkins, PA-C, LPC

David Atkins, PA-C, LPC

Clinic Medical Director

David Atkins is the Clinic Medical Director over Primary Care and Psychiatry at the Coeur d’Alene location of Heritage Health, where he has worked for the last 6 years. He is an active member of the Region 1 Behavioral Health Board and North Idaho Crisis Center Board of Directors, plus participates in legislative workgroups related to medical practice in Idaho.…

Photo of Amanda Bailey, BS

Amanda Bailey, BS

Skills Builder

Photo of Angela Baker, LPC, ACADC

Angela Baker, LPC, ACADC

Addiction Counselor

Photo of Josh Behrens, BS

Josh Behrens, BS

ACT Program Manager

Photo of Sarah Bjorn, LCSW

Sarah Bjorn, LCSW

Counselor Lead

Photo of Erica Blessing, LMSW

Erica Blessing, LMSW


Photo of Morgen Buck, BA

Morgen Buck, BA

Case Manager

Photo of Scott Burke, LMSW

Scott Burke, LMSW


Photo of Melissa Burns-Price, PA

Melissa Burns-Price, PA

Physician Assistant

Photo of Thomas Byrne, PA

Thomas Byrne, PA

Physician Assistant

Photo of Deborah Carder, LMSW, ACADC

Deborah Carder, LMSW, ACADC

Addiction Counselor

Photo of Esteban Chavolla, MBA, BS

Esteban Chavolla, MBA, BS

Skills Builder

Photo of Mary Christenson, LCSW

Mary Christenson, LCSW

Addiction Counselor

Photo of Hatta Clark

Hatta Clark


Photo of Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson

Dental Hygienist

Photo of Cassey Coleman, CPSS, CFSP

Cassey Coleman, CPSS, CFSP

Certified Peer Support Specialist

Photo of Terri Cowgill, LPC, ACADC

Terri Cowgill, LPC, ACADC

Addiction Counselor

Photo of Gordon Cuthbert, CPSS

Gordon Cuthbert, CPSS

Certified Peer Support Specialist

Photo of Paula Dahlen, PA-C, ARNP

Paula Dahlen, PA-C, ARNP

Physician Assistant

Photo of Elaine Dodson, LSW, CADC

Elaine Dodson, LSW, CADC

Addiction Counselor

Photo of Colleen Fleming, NP

Colleen Fleming, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Photo of Madison Floyd, BA

Madison Floyd, BA

Skills Builder

Photo of Leah Frederick

Leah Frederick

UGM Provider

Photo of Christopher Green, LMSW

Christopher Green, LMSW


Photo of Kristy Handyside, NP

Kristy Handyside, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Photo of Laura Haney, NP

Laura Haney, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Photo of Holli Hansen, NP

Holli Hansen, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Holli Hansen treats every patient as if they were a member of her own family. She believes in serving seniors and their families with kindness, compassion, and respect. With more than 10 years of experience, she is an expert in coordinating the best care for each patient in their home environment. She works with nurses and other community organizations to provide the highest quality of care.…

Photo of Sarah Hartzell, PA-C

Sarah Hartzell, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Photo of Traci Hauser, LCSW

Traci Hauser, LCSW

Counselor Lead of ACT Services

Photo of Daniel Henbest, MD

Daniel Henbest, MD


Photo of Shauna Herman, BS

Shauna Herman, BS

Skills Builder

Photo of Jennifer Hickman, NP

Jennifer Hickman, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Photo of Kelly Hopkins, BA

Kelly Hopkins, BA

Skills Builder

Photo of Brittni Hudlet

Brittni Hudlet

Peer Support Specialist

Photo of Kim Hudlet, LCPC

Kim Hudlet, LCPC


Photo of Tina Husky, LMSW

Tina Husky, LMSW


Photo of Peter Huss, LCSW

Peter Huss, LCSW


Photo of Rachel Jones, LPC

Rachel Jones, LPC


Photo of Heather King, MSN, FNP

Heather King, MSN, FNP

Nurse Practitioner

Photo of Molly Koczyk

Molly Koczyk

Skills Builder

Photo of Kimberly Kreaman, LCPC

Kimberly Kreaman, LCPC

Addiction Counselor

Photo of Tiffany Kugler, NP

Tiffany Kugler, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Tiffany Kugler is an incredible health care provider with more than a decade of experience serving elderly patients and their families. Caring for seniors is an art form. Using a holistic approach, she understands how to manage multiple chronic diseases including dementia, diabetes, and heart disease. Prior to obtaining her graduate degree from Gonzaga University, Tiffany worked as a charge nurse in cardiac care at Sacred Heart Medical Center and Kootenai Health from 1993-2009.

Photo of Patricia LaMana, LCSW

Patricia LaMana, LCSW


Photo of Jenny Legerski, LPN

Jenny Legerski, LPN

Nurse Manager

Photo of Patrick McCurdy, PA-C

Patrick McCurdy, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Photo of Erika Mikles, PA-C

Erika Mikles, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Photo of Melanie Moss, PA-C

Melanie Moss, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Photo of Rebekah Nansel, LSW, CFSP

Rebekah Nansel, LSW, CFSP

Program Manager for Traditional Community Based Team

Photo of Hannah Nixon, PSYD

Hannah Nixon, PSYD

Clinical Psychologist

Photo of Nicole Odom, MD

Nicole Odom, MD


Photo of Casey Olson, LCPC

Casey Olson, LCPC

Counselor Lead

Photo of Kale Pfeifer, BA

Kale Pfeifer, BA

Skills Builder

Photo of Janet Poorman, CDC1

Janet Poorman, CDC1

Chemical Dependency Counselor 1

Photo of Regina Prindle PH.D, APRN

Regina Prindle PH.D, APRN

Nurse Practitioner

Photo of Tina Puga, CPSS

Tina Puga, CPSS

Peer Support Team Lead

Photo of Peter Purrington MD

Peter Purrington MD

Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Purrington received his medical degree from George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. He is board-certified in Family Medicine and Health Care Quality Management. He has over 20 years of healthcare experience and is passionate about safety and quality, especially for patients transitioning between community, skilled, assisted, or independent living. Dr. Purrington is also the Chief Clinical Officer for Heritage Health, overseeing all aspects of patient care.

Photo of Anthony Rehil-Crest

Anthony Rehil-Crest

Vice President of Medical Services

Photo of Patricia Reichert

Patricia Reichert

Case Manager Lead

Photo of Ric Ringhand, LSW

Ric Ringhand, LSW

Skills Builder

Photo of Kelly Rodkey

Kelly Rodkey

Case Manager

Photo of Devin Rourke DDS

Devin Rourke DDS

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Photo of Leanne Rousseau MD

Leanne Rousseau MD


Photo of Janyl Sanders

Janyl Sanders

Dental Hygienist

Photo of Leah Scott, BA

Leah Scott, BA

Skills Builder

Photo of Jackie Sherar, CPSS, CFSP

Jackie Sherar, CPSS, CFSP

Peer and Family Support

Photo of Connie Shryock

Connie Shryock

Dental Hygienist

Photo of Brandon Smith, PA-C

Brandon Smith, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Photo of Gayle Smith, DO

Gayle Smith, DO


Photo of Jodi Smith, LPC

Jodi Smith, LPC

VP of Therapy Services

Olivia Smith, CPSS, YPSS

Peer and Youth Support

Photo of Melinda Soltys, LCSW

Melinda Soltys, LCSW

Counselor Lead

Photo of Tiffany Stephenson, CPSS, CFSP, YPSS

Tiffany Stephenson, CPSS, CFSP, YPSS

Peer, Family, and Youth Support

Photo of Tracey Sutton, LCSW

Tracey Sutton, LCSW

Manager of Therapy Services

Photo of Sierra Swick, LCPC

Sierra Swick, LCPC

Counselor Lead

Photo of Shira Urias, LCSW

Shira Urias, LCSW


Photo of Janice Vandyke

Janice Vandyke

UGM Provider

Photo of Nicole Worden, LCPC, ACADC

Nicole Worden, LCPC, ACADC

Addiction Counselor

Photo of Chase Yamamoto, BA

Chase Yamamoto, BA

Skills Builder

Photo of Timothy Young, LPC

Timothy Young, LPC