Boomer Benefits with Danielle Kunkle

dkunkleIn this episode of Community Health Radio, we talk to Danielle Kunkle, a founding partner of Boomer Benefits, a family-owned agency specializing in Medicare-related insurance products since 2005.   An expert in the Medicare-sector of the health insurance industry, Danielle has spoken about Medicare to hundreds of groups over the last ten years, including employer groups, hospitals and community organizations around Texas. She is also an approved instructor for the state’s 8 hour Medicare-related Products Certification course.

In our interview, Danielle and I discuss some of the key strategies people newly eligible for Medicare should be using right now before the open enrollment period begins.  We also discuss the types of additional coverage everyone on Medicare should be looking at.  Finally we talk about whether or not it makes sense to use a licensed agent to help select the right coverage.

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