Patient-Centered Medical Home

We recognize that you have many choices in the healthcare market today and sincerely appreciate the trust you have placed in us to be your Patient-Centered Medical Home.

As partners in your health care and in order to succeed as your medical home, you and your family will play a vital role in ensuring that we work together toward your health goals.

Your care team will include your provider of choice along with a medical assistant, nurse, referral coordinator, and scheduling staff. You can expect that your care team will work together to ensure your medical needs are met.


What is a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)?

Care Center


PCMH puts you at the center of your care; working with your healthcare team, you are able to create a personalized plan for reaching your goals.

Your primary care team is focused on getting to know you and earning your trust. They care about you while caring for you.

Technology makes it easy to get health care when and how you need it. You can reach your doctor through email, video chat, or after-hour phone calls. Mobile apps + electronic resources help you stay on top of your health and medical history.

As defined by the Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative


As your Patient-Centered Medical Home, a partnership among practitioners, patients, and their families ensures that decisions respect patients’ wants, needs, and preferences and that patients have the education and support they need to make decisions and participate in their own care.

A team of care providers is wholly accountable for a patient’s physical and mental health care needs, including prevention and wellness, acute care, and chronic care.

Our Role as Your Patient Care Team

• Help you choose your provider and make appointments that fit your schedule
• Coordinate your health needs with your other specialists, hospitals, and care facilities
• Offer the best care that has been proven to improve the health of you and your family
• Deliver whole person care including behavioral health services
• Provide screening and enrollment assistance into a health insurance plan, and offer medical care for the uninsured.

In a Patient-Centered Medical Home, care is organized across all elements of the broader health care system, including specialty care, hospitals, home health care, community services and supports.

Patients are able to access services with shorter waiting times, “after hours” care, 24/7 electronic or telephone access, and strong communication through health IT innovations.

After Hours

For emergencies, please dial 911 or go to your nearest hospital emergency room. We provide advice and/or care when you need it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To speak with an on-call provider after business hours, call 208-620-5250. The operator will ask a few basic questions, and you will receive a call back from the on-call provider.

Clinicians and staff enhance quality improvement through the use of health IT and other tools to ensure that patients and families make informed decisions about their health.

Support Groups

Nutrition + Exercise Counseling

Patient Portal